Compliance Going Digital
Allowing financial institutions to realise the full potential of their global client base.

muinmos PASS

muinmos has developed PASS - a revolutionary online platform which enables financial institutions across the globe to realise the full potential of their global client base. With PASS, a financial institution can secure its continuous regulatory compliance, and within seconds determine whether a client from a particular country can trade in a service and given instrument type, and if the service and instrument type is suitable and/ or appropriate for the client in question. It continuously validates the clients' regulatory standing throughout the clients' lifecycle and ensures that the financial institution remains compliant 24/7.

PASS works globally, and significantly shortens the time of commencing a business relationship, opens up new opportunities for financial institutions in their provision of financial services across the globe, and secures the underlying investor's protection.

PASS offers financial institutions…

Client Categorisation

PASS will categorise your clients in accordance with relevant regulation whether in accordance with MiFID in Europe or as applicable in the rest of the world.

Suitability & Appropriateness

PASS will assess whether a requested service for a particular product is suitable and/or appropriate for your client in question.

Global Coverage

PASS today covers the whole of Europe and many other countries, more are being added continuously based on our client's needs.


PASS is fully automated and web based.

Compliance Validation

PASS will check for required licenses/passports/exemptions and if a service can be provided to your potential client without license/passport/exemption.

Around the Clock Compliance

PASS offers continuous categorisation, suitability and/ appropriateness checks on the service offered to your clients based on regulatory changes, thus securing your ongoing compliance.

Always Up-to-date Compliance Data

The compliance data in PASS is delivered on a continuous basis by acknowledged reputable financial experts.


muinmos offers different levels of integration of PASS into your existing on/ or offline onboarding process.

Full Audit Tracks & Compliance Documentation

PASS stores all results for future documentation towards compliance, audit (internal/external), and financial supervisory authorities.