One Single Platform For Client Onboarding
Allowing financial institutions to realise the full potential of their global client base.


About The Platform

What is the Party Assessment Service System (PASS)?

muinmos online platform PASS fully automates the jurisdictional regulatory on-boarding of your clients on a global scale. It continuously validates your clients' regulatory standing throughout your clients' lifecycle 24/7, this is done based on each service and product the client selects to transact with you in accordance with all applicable regulation. In doing so, PASS instantly:

  • categorises your client in the applicable jurisdiction(s)
  • assesses each of your client’s status, including suitability and/ or appropriateness (whether under MiFID in the EU or as equivalent across the globe) on a per service and product basis
  • provides you with a result of whether you are allowed or not allowed to on-board your client in question on a per service and product basis, together with a detailed report of how the regulatory assessment was reached

Why do I need PASS?

PASS will remove your risk of being fined by local or foreign financial supervisory authorities on the grounds of providing financial services to clients without a proper legal foundation.

It will enable your sales people to quickly assess whether a potential lead is worth additional sales efforts – or whether the lead cannot be on-boarded in compliance with relevant regulation.

Through digitalization of the whole process, it will open up huge opportunities for you in markets where the regulatory burden has hindered growth and development.

It will save you huge costs in the on-boarding process.

How do we keep up with changes in regulation?

Our regulatory compliance data is provided to us by regulatory market experts and financial supervisory authorities on a global scale, and updated at all times.

What does it cost to use PASS?

It is free to implement PASS. The use of PASS is subject to an annual license fee as well as a click fee per report generated for each client.

About The Technology


PASS is a multi-server complex hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud (“Azure”) which is located in multiple cities in Europe.

Azure provides a global efficient scaling platform, providing load balancing, redundancy and backup.

Azure meets a number of compliance standards where the most relevant is ISO/IEC 27001/27002:2013 and ISO/IEC 27018:2014.

Separation of production and testing environments

Production and test environments are hosted on two completely separate systems, utilising the same system configuration.

Vulnerability testing

Azure provides a high level of intrusion protection and vulnerability resilience, thus securing the platform and data.

How is the data protected?

All data is protected using standard user access controls on application level and infrastructure level. The data is furthermore shielded by a firewall (meaning it can only be accessed from certain designated locations and addresses).

To access the system credentials and password, the system credentials need to be supplied and passwords need to adhere to a minimum complexity rule. PASS in itself does not contain much sensitive data (presently only an e-mail address related to the potential client and existing client). With a close integration to a CRM system even this information may be stored locally by the financial institution.

Can we hook up directly via an API to your CRM?

Yes, we can hook up to any CRM system that provides some level of API and extension points. As the complexity of the integration depends on the CRM setup and workflows of each individual financial institution a limited amount of integration work and setup is needed upon launch.