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Michel André

Michel André

Board Member

Currently holding position as CTO at Saxo Bank with over 20 years background as architect, manager and technical leader in the financial services industry specializing in internet trading platforms, exchange technology, DMA broker networks, price/quote formation and dissemination, real time risk management, information distribution and other areas requiring extreme reliability, scalability whilst retaining low latency, high throughput and maintaining and achieving the business requirements.

Michel has long experience and worked with all aspects of business, management and technology within the fintech industry from architecture, development, processes, governance, change management and mergers and acquisitions. In his various roles he has been a part of designing and executing on larger strategic initiatives and investments in multiyear transformation programs to modernize and upgrade technology to meet demands of the business.

Even if Michel is a passionate practitioner at heart, he has a keen interest in both the academic side of architecture, technology, methodology, management and distributed systems and the more pragmatic side of actually transforming business requirements into reality and workable products.

An agile mindset and putting people over process and practicing the art of continuous delivery, minimum viable product and using lean and agile methodologies while keeping an eye on the long term sustainability, structure and shareholder value is also a hallmark of Michel's thinking and acting.

Previous employers and customers include amongst others NeoNet, Swedbank Markets, OMX Technologies, Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Specialties: Architecture, Technology, Scalability, Throughput, Business alignment, Distributed systems, Mergers and acquisitions, Enterprise Architecture.